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Article: New analytics-focused endpoints offer deeper insights into the NFT market

Published on: 11/27/2023

New analytics-focused endpoints offer deeper insights into the NFT market

We’re dedicated to helping our customers understand the nuances of the NFT market. 

Take Kresus, the Web3 super app offering a best-in-class user experience and an easy entry point to Web3. They use our multichain API and comprehensive metadata coverage to give their users the best and most comprehensive NFT experience.

Seeing apps use our solution to supercharge their offerings motivates us to keep raising the bar.   

That’s where our latest release comes in. We’re introducing a suite of analytics-focused endpoints, designed to provide comprehensive insights into the world of NFTs. These tools are not just powerful, they cater to a wide range of use cases, making NFT data more accessible and understandable.

SimpleHash’s next-level NFT analytics elevate market understanding

Our new set of API endpoints deliver comprehensive and granular insights into NFT market activity to give you unparalleled access to secondary market sales data at various levels of detail. 

Each of these endpoints opens up new possibilities for analysis, enabling users to make more informed decisions and predictions in the NFT space. They’re specifically designed to streamline developer workflows, reducing the time and complexity involved in sourcing and analyzing NFT market data. 

APIs cover a variety of use cases to elevate market understanding

These additions build upon our robust existing APIs, and include data on individual collections, traders, marketplaces and overall chain activity. Use cases include:

  • Top Collections: Easily explore top NFT collections by volume across various chains, covering major marketplaces and ecosystems.
  • Trending Collections: Discover up-and-coming NFTs across multiple chains, driving user engagement with fresh and intriguing options.
  • Collection Volumes & Market Caps: Uncover detailed trends in volume, transaction count, and seller count for any collection.
  • Collection Historical Floor Prices: Access a comprehensive history of floor prices, split by marketplace, aiding in graphical analyses and profit or loss calculations.
  • Top Sales by Collection: Identify significant sales and market movements.
  • Top Collectors by Collection: Keep a pulse on major activities within top collections, tracking whale wallet transactions.
  • Top Sales by Contract Owner(s): Gain insights into high-value transfers and sales across contracts owned by specific wallet addresses.
  • Sales Volume by Chain(s): Obtain a macro view of the market with a summary of trading volumes by chain and marketplace over various time periods.

Granular data access gives you deeper insights

These new endpoints are a game-changer for developers seeking in-depth data on the NFT market. They enable developers to delve into questions like:

  • "Who are the top collectors for a specific collection?"
  • "What are the most popular chains for NFT activity that I should build on?"
  • "How can I reconstruct the historical floor price of an NFT collection?" 
  • “What are the major trends in the overall NFT market?”

With our solution, developers can focus more on innovating and less on data wrangling.

Seamless integration with existing services means faster builds

Staying true to our commitment to ease of use, these new endpoints are seamlessly integrated into the existing SimpleHash ecosystem. They are REST-based, ensuring that anyone familiar with our platform can immediately take advantage of these new capabilities without a steep learning curve.

The primary enhancement in user experience is the simplicity with which developers can now build advanced analytics applications focused on NFTs. These new tools open the door to:

  • Deeper market analysis
  • Trend identification
  • Data-driven decision-making

Consider the development of an NFT trading platform: With these enhanced endpoints, developers can offer end-users critical insights into trending collections and historical pricing data. 

This not only enriches the user experience but also provides a solid foundation for informed trading and investment decisions in the NFT space.

Elevate your market understanding with SimpleHash

SimpleHash's new analytics-focused endpoints are more than just tools; they are a gateway to understanding the intricate dynamics of the NFT market. 

SimpleHash enterprise customers always get first access to new feature rollouts. If you’re an existing SimpleHash enterprise customer, all of these endpoints are ready for you today.

Not using SimpleHash yet? Book a free demo to learn more today. We still have a few remaining spaces available in our enterprise pilot program.

Getting token & NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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