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Getting token & NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

Trusted by hundreds of web3 leaders:

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“Since onboarding with SimpleHash, the real value has been saving on recurring maintenance and being able to predict our product roadmap. As a result, Integral can give customers better timelines and upsell more.”

Access token & NFT data with ease

SimpleHash offers a range of different access modes for any use case, with the developer experience top of mind.


    Get up and running in minutes.

    • REST based API
    • For general work loads
    • Simple to integrate
    • Low latency
    • Request based quota
  • Webhooks

    Real time notifications.

    • Sales, transfer, metadata, floor price and listing events
    • For use cases such as push notifications
    • Granular filtering or full chain firehose
    • Can be more efficient than polling
    • Event based quota
  • Bulk Service

    Full chain syncs.

    • Kafka streaming, DB sync or S3 export options
    • For large scale and demanding work flows
    • Keep entire chain states in sync
    • Power advanced analytics and data science use cases
    • Chain and data type packages

Advanced analytics add-on

As part of the Bulk Service, get access to the most powerful token analytics.

  • Detailed 1d/7d/30d chain metrics
  • Trending collections
  • Top creators
  • Top sales
  • Whale wallet alerts
  • LLM training support

The most reliable token & NFT data

Focus on building a world-class user experience, instead of maintaining complex infrastructure. 60+ chains and counting.

Maximum scalability.
Ensure your users have the best experience possible, even during launches - SimpleHash's infrastructure is built to scale to thousands of requests per second.
No more stale data.
We've built out an automatic NFT refresh engine, handling drops, reveals and dynamic NFTs - so you don't have to.
Real time updates.
On-chain and metadata updates in seconds.
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“SimpleHash helps us deliver great NFT experiences. We’ve partnered with them because we trust their ability to stay at the forefront of NFT standards and use cases.”

Comprehensive market data

Get all the crucial market data in one place, all in real-time

Sales & Transfers.
Full historical sales & transfers, across the major marketplaces and chains.
Floor prices.
Accurate and real-time floor prices, split out by marketplace. Trait level prices also available.
Up to the second listings, active and historical, by marketplace and chain.
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NFT media done right

Media is crucial to the NFT experience. SimpleHash serves up media quickly and reliably, in the right formats.

CDN caching.
Avoid annoying loading times by accessing cached versions of NFT media from the SimpleHash CDN.
Dynamic previews.
SimpleHash generates resizable previews (including for videos and 3D models), suiting all application sizes (including OpenGraph), so you don't have to.
Proper format handling.
SimpleHash checks and corrects erroneous file-types, while performing SVG to PNG conversion for maximum compatibility.
Media metadata.
Provide a robust media experience to your users, by utilizing blurhashes, predominant colors, aspect ratios, size and file type information.
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“SimpleHash has built a product that demonstrates they truly understand their customers' pain points with NFT data. Their ability to anticipate needs and ship features before customers even know they need them makes them the best NFT data provider in this space.”

The broadest chain coverage

SimpleHash provides the broadest and most robust coverage of NFT chains in the industry.

Query crosschain.
Provide a true multi-chain experience to your users by easily querying across multiple chains (and wallets) using the same endpoint.
One schema.
Remove the hassle of dealing with dozens of standards and implementations - SimpleHash provides a single unified schema across chains.
Mainnets & Testnets.
Have a product that relies on multiple environments? SimpleHash has you covered, with mainnets and testnets of the major ecosystems.
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Build with confidence

SimpleHash has the best support in the industry.

Guaranteed SLAs.
Build with confidence knowing you're covered with industry-leading SLAs.
Dedicated support.
Direct engineering support channels with the SimpleHash team to make your app or platform as successful as possible.
Custom build-outs.
Get exactly the configuration, endpoints and deployment you need with our dedicated engineering hours program.
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Best in class UX tools

Delight, engage and retain your users with using features designed to make the NFT delivery experience as smooth as possible.

Spam scores.
Filter out spammy and scammy NFT collections with spam scores powered by AI.
Rarity scores.
Automatically calculate rarity scores based on the OpenRarity standard.
Trait data.
Easily grab traits at the collection or NFT level.
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