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Best Analytics Tool for the NFT Market

Everything you need to help your users understand the NFT market, and top collections.

NFT Data for Analytics

We want to be the most widely applicable and human-centered search engine out there. To do so, we need as much comprehensive NFT data across different chains as possible. We're able to work together with SimpleHash to make that happen.

Co-Founder & CEO, Dora

Analytics capabilities for any use case

SimpleHash analytics endpoints:

Top Collections

Easily show your users the top collections by volume, across multiple chains. Covers all of the major marketplaces, and ecosystems.

Trending Collections

Show your users up and coming collections, across multiple chains, before they get big. Drive user engagement with new and interesting collections.

Collection Volumes & Market Caps

Show your users the volume and market cap of any collection. Uncover granular trends for volume, transaction count and seller count.

Collection Historical Floor Prices

Obtain the full history of floor prices for any collection, split out by marketplace - useful for a graphical view. Help calculate user profit or loss.

Top Sales by Collection

Zoom into top sales for specific collections, to identify major movements and more.

Top Collectors by Collection

Get a handle on the pulse of major whale wallet activity occurring within top collections.

Top Sales by Contract Owner(s)

Dig deeper and obtain the highest valued transfers on all sales generated across contracts owned by a specific wallet address.

Sales Volume by Chain(s)

Get a 30,000ft view of the market, with a summary of all trading volume, by chain and marketplace, over different time periods.

Getting token & NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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