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Customer Testimonials

Getting NFT data is hard. SimpleHash makes it easy.

“SimpleHash helps us deliver great NFT experiences. We’ve partnered with them because we trust their ability to stay at the forefront of NFT standards and use cases.”

Francesco Agosti
CTO, Phantom

“SimpleHash has built a product that demonstrates they truly understand their customers' pain points with NFT data. Their ability to anticipate needs and ship features before customers even know they need them makes them the best NFT data provider in this space.”

Wayne Cheng
Engineer, Rainbow

“SimpleHash's API endpoints have been incredibly fast and reliable. Their bulk lookup endpoints have sped up our indexing performance dramatically. Customer support has been top notch, new features have been shipped quickly, and you can tell they deeply care about listening to their customers.”

Steve Klebanoff

“Bitski has partnered with SimpleHash because they enable us to provide seamless NFT data to our wallet users around the world”

Blake Menezes

“SimpleHash provides a reliable, realtime API which enables us to provide a high quality in-person live minting experience. Our partnership has started due to their excellent communication & support, which has solidified our trust in the SimpleHash platform. We are excited to begin this partnership!”

Henry Pye
Bright Moments

“Since onboarding with SimpleHash, the real value has been saving on recurring maintenance and being able to predict our product roadmap. As a result, Integral can give customers better timelines and upsell more.”

William Grant
Head of Growth, Integral

“While we have internal people who could become NFT gurus, it requires deep knowledge to be really great. Plus, those people are already gurus in other things. They're working far closer to our core competency, so diverting that talent to NFTs would be a net loss for Brave.”

Marshall Rose
Principal Engineer, Brave

“We faced this huge challenge where we needed accurate NFT metadata. We were relying on APls that had many issues - they weren't multichain, so they were only on Ethereum.”

Andrey Balyasnikov
Head of Product, Zerion

“Every time I talk to the SimpleHash team, I always think: ‘Wow, those people are true professionals.’ That’s why I really like working with them in a nascent industry like Web3 apps.”

Michael Ionita
VP Engineering, DappRadar

“SimpleHash came to us as an amazing partner. They're able to unify all of this abundant information that we've never seen in such a cohesive manner before. Soon enough, our team was working a lot more efficiently.”

Co-Founder & CEO, Dora

“SimpleHash shares our vision for giving the average consumer an easier gateway to entering blockchain, NFTs, and crypto. They’ve given us a lot of time and insights along the way, and we really value their crucial role in scaling Kresus.”

Lucas Harris
Kresus Wallet

“With SimpleHash, everything is unified and produced as one simple output, which ultimately enables a great experience for our users. They bring all of it together seamlessly, from formatting NFT media to reading prices from different marketplaces.”

Dev Pramoth
Ultimate Wallet

“We were searching for the best source of NFT data and market info, which led us to SimpleHash. Their multi chain and multi-marketplace support was a game-changer for us.”

Andrew Duca