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Best API for Detecting NFT Spam

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What are Spam Scores?

Every time I talk to the SimpleHash team, I always think: 'Wow, those people are true professionals.' That’s why I really like working with them in a nascent industry like Web3 apps.

Michael Ionita
VP of Engineering, DappRadar

NFT spam is a growing issue in the digital asset world, where large numbers of low-value NFTs are distributed en masse, often to deceive or overwhelm users. SimpleHash addresses this challenge by implementing a sophisticated spam scoring system, utilizing a variety of signals to assess the legitimacy of NFT collections.

For developers, integrating SimpleHash’s spam scores into their applications is essential to safeguard users from potential scams and to enhance overall user experience by filtering out irrelevant or malicious NFTs. This becomes increasingly important in networks like Polygon and Solana, where high throughput and low costs can exacerbate spam issues.

What kinds of NFT Spam Score data does SimpleHash provide?

Spam Score Rating.
A score from 0 to 100 indicating the likelihood of an NFT collection being spam, with 0 being not spam and 100 being likely spam.
Multi-Signal Analysis.
Incorporates various signals like LLM models, active listings, floor prices, marketplace status, and NFT burns to assess spam risk.
User Feedback Integration.
Leverages feedback from SimpleHash’s extensive user base to refine spam detection, allowing for dynamic and responsive scoring.
Real-Time Updates.
Spam scores are updated in real-time, reflecting the latest transactions and user reports for accurate and timely assessments.

What makes NFT Spam Score data on SimpleHash different?

Advanced LLM Utilization.
Utilizes fine-tuned LLM models on NFT metadata, a cutting-edge approach that distinguishes it from traditional spam detection methods.
Comprehensive Marketplace Analysis.
Assesses both collection listings and active floor prices on marketplaces, providing a multifaceted view of an NFT collection's legitimacy.
Dynamic User Feedback Integration.
Incorporates real-time user feedback and reports from a large user base, continuously refining the accuracy of spam detection.
Blockchain-Specific Scoring.
Adjusts spam scoring techniques to cater to the unique characteristics of different blockchains like Polygon and Solana, enhancing relevancy and precision.

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