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SimpleHash vs. Moralis

See what makes SimpleHash the best NFT API

SimpleHash vs. the Moralis NFT API

Ecosystem support

Broader NFT ecosystem supportincluding Solana, Bitcoin Ordinals, and the ability to query multiple chains at once

Marketplace data

Expanded coverageincludes sales, floor prices, current and historical listings on Blur, OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare, Tensor, Magic Eden, Trove

Media handling

Enhanced capabilitiesquicker caching, adaptable previews, 3D model & video thumbnails, blurhashes, aspect ratios, detailed media metadata

Developer experience

Diverse access methodsRESTful API, webhooks, Kafka bulk streams, direct S3 export. Uniform request weighting (1:1) — no confusing billing processes.


Wider NFT use cases coverageLLM driven spam scores, OpenRarity, uniform trait data, optional market insights (+ NFT quantities, market valuations), reveal/drop event detection, Solana compressed NFT support

Collection handling

Improved management of difficult scenariosAccurate sub-collection handling, automated collection updates and faster metadata refreshing

Detailed ownership data

Comprehensive owner informationaccessible via Ownership by Wallet/Collection/Contracts endpoints

SimpleHash has built a product that demonstrates they truly understand their customers' pain points with NFT data. Their ability to anticipate needs and ship features before customers even know they need them makes them the best NFT data provider in this space.

Getting NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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