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Case Study: How Kresus leverages SimpleHash to makes Web3 more accessible for new users

Published on: 11/13/2023

How Kresus leverages SimpleHash to makes Web3 more accessible for new users


Kresus positions itself as “the World’s first Web3 super app.” The wallet aims to be the only app users need for all their digital assets. To do this, Kresus not only offers a best-in-class user experience but provides an easy entry point for people looking to join Web3.

“SimpleHash shares our vision for giving the average consumer an easier gateway to entering blockchain, NFTs, and crypto. They’ve given us a lot of time and insights along the way, and we really value their crucial role in scaling Kresus.” ­- Lucas Harris, Integrative Partnerships Lead at Kresus


Kresus needed to streamline NFT metadata as the wallet scaled

To empower anyone to explore Web3, Kresus needed to meet new users where they were, which meant offering as many blockchains as possible. The Web3 super app relied on several providers to maintain these different chains. 

However, this approach was time-consuming, high-effort, and expensive because each provider had different sets of APIs and backend considerations the team needed to juggle. Furthermore, using multiple providers complicated the detection of fraudulent NFTs and potential spam NFTs. 

Whenever Kresus improved its user experience or bolstered its security standards, the team had to implement these changes at the individual chain level. As a result, “it became increasingly difficult to streamline the platform’s NFT metadata for a single platform,” explains Lucas Harris, Kresus’s Integrative Partnerships Lead. So, Kresus partnered with SimpleHash to manage all their chains in one place. 

“Finding vendors who enable us to do multiple things through a single endpoint and continuously evolve their offerings is really rare. SimpleHash is one of the unicorns that helps us do all that.” - Sean O’Neill, Head of Partnerships at Kresus


With SimpleHash, Kresus offers users better insights into their collections

As Lucas puts it, Kresus can now release new blockchains and wallet features "at the flip of a switch" with SimpleHash. Our API ensures a consistent schema, so Kresus can make these changes system-wide with minimal lift from their in-house engineers. 

Even better, the super app now offers users comprehensive insights into their wallet – such as floor price, history, and rarity – thanks to the multichain API's uptime and comprehensive metadata coverage. These insights empower users to make more informed decisions when starting a new NFT collection or trading their existing assets.

SimpleHash also reduces the number of fraudulent NFTs on Kresus' platform as they scale. This protects their users from various attack vectors within the Web3 space – improving security and elevating the wallet's customer experience.


Together, SimpleHash and Kresus are innovating the Web3 ecosystem

Since onboarding SimpleHash, Kresus has saved countless hours of engineering work and gained an invaluable partner as they work to make Web3 more accessible. In collaboration with our team, Kresus introduced a way for users to mint NFTs and email them to non-Web3 users.

This has led to:

  • 50% less time spent adding NFT support for new chains

Looking forward, Kresus is already mapping out new ways to bring new people into Web3 and better educate their growing community.  Leaning on SimpleHash, their team knows they can bring even their most innovative ideas to life and make Web3 accessible to more people. 

“It all goes back to that shared viewpoint. Our success with SimpleHash comes down to both parties wanting to bring new people in and educate users who are part of the community already. Working together makes achieving these goals a lot easier.” - Sean O’Neill, Head of Partnerships at Kresus

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SimpleHash makes it easy.

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