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Blur NFT Data

Get real-time access to sales, floor prices, listings and bids

NFT API | Blur market data | SimpleHash

Blur NFT API alternative

Comprehensive Blur marketplace data

“Every time I talk to the SimpleHash team, I always think: ‘Wow, those people are true professionals.’ That’s why I really like working with them in a nascent industry like Web3 apps.”

Michael Ionita

Accurate and reliable data from Blur, a major NFT marketplace, is a crucial component for any crypto or web3 app seeking to provide insightful views into secondary market sales. In a competitive and rapidly evolving field, leveraging accurate market data could be the defining factor in setting an application apart from the rest.

Blur is one of the leading aggregators, and provides trading for Ethereum based NFTs. SimpleHash indexs all of the core market events that are conducted on Blur itself. Transactions and events that occur on other marketplaces are marked as such.

NFT Marketplace API

SimpleHash provides access to core Blur market data

Utilize our REST API, Webhooks or Bulk Service, for accurate, real-time data.

NFT Sales

Full historical sales data for NFTs since the beginning of the sales contract, including price, date, and buyer/seller information.

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Floor Prices

Collection and trait-level floor prices, updated in real-time with all the relevant token and value information.

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Active listings for NFTs, including price, date, and seller information. Full lifecycle listing events also available.

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Top bids at the collection level, updated in real-time

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Event Streaming

Event streaming for all core market data, available via webhooks

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Full chain firehose of all market events, available via Kafka

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SimpleHash has built a product that demonstrates they truly understand their customers' pain points with NFT data. Their ability to anticipate needs and ship features before customers even know they need them makes them the best NFT data provider in this space.

Getting NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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