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Best API for NFT Floor Prices

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What are NFT Collection Floor Prices?

With SimpleHash, everything is unified and produced as one simple output, which ultimately enables a great experience for our users. They bring all of it together seamlessly, from formatting NFT media to reading prices from different marketplaces.

Dev Pramoth
Product Manager, Ultimate Wallet

A floor price represents the minimum current listing price for an NFT within a particular collection, often marketplace-specific. It serves as a barometer, reflecting the base value or the least amount a seller is willing to accept for an NFT in that collection. As the NFT market fluctuates, this metric provides a quick snapshot of an NFT collection's lowest market valuation, allowing potential buyers to gauge entry points and sellers to strategically price their assets.

Understanding floor prices is crucial for both investors and enthusiasts to comprehend the current demand and liquidity of a specific collection. While some collections maintain a steady floor, others may experience volatile shifts due to external events or market trends. Certain marketplaces, like LooksRare and Blur, even present a 'global floor price', aggregating data across multiple platforms. However, to get an accurate picture of a specific marketplace's floor, one might need to delve deeper. With the diversity in the ways floor prices are presented across platforms, SimpleHash offers a consistent and clear view of floor prices across various chains and marketplaces. Through the SimpleHash API, users can effortlessly access and interpret these critical market indicators.

What kinds of NFT Floor Price data does SimpleHash provide?

Marketplace Identifier.
The unique identifier associated with the NFT marketplace that provides the floor price, aiding in differentiating data sources.
Floor Value.
The numerical value representing the current lowest listing price for an NFT within a collection, giving an immediate sense of the collection's base market valuation.
Payment Token Details.
Information about the cryptocurrency used for the floor price listing, encompassing token identifiers, names, symbols, and contract addresses. This aids in understanding the standard currency used in different chains.
Floor Price in USD.
The equivalent value of the floor price in USD cents, offering a consistent benchmark for valuation across diverse currencies.
Trait-level floor prices.
The current floor price for a specific trait within a collection, for even more detail.

What makes NFT Floor Price data on SimpleHash different?

Marketplace-Specific Floor Prices.
Info on the floor prices for each major marketplace, for more insight and granularity.
Real Time Updates.
Ongoing updates of floor prices in seconds, to avoid them becoming stale.
Sub-Collection Support.
Correct attribution of floor prices at the sub-collection level, instead of just the overall contract, to avoid inaccuracy.

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