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NFT Data for Web3 Games

Immerse your players in a dynamic, NFT-driven gaming experience.

NFT API | NFT Data for Web3 Games | SimpleHash

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A better NFT experience for Web3 Games

“SimpleHash helps us deliver great NFT experiences. We’ve partnered with them because we trust their ability to stay at the forefront of NFT standards and use cases.”

Francesco Agosti
Phantom Wallet

NFT-based games revolutionize player engagement by integrating real-world value with in-game assets. Leveraging high-quality NFT data allows you to provide players with unique ownership, tradeable game items, and verifiable scarcity. This enhances gameplay, fosters a robust in-game economy, and strengthens the connection between virtual worlds and tangible ownership.

SimpleHash covers the core Web3 Game use cases

SimpleHash provides access to all NFTs across 30+ chains. Utilize our REST API, Webhooks and Bulk Service for all core web3 game use cases.

How to solve core Web3 Game use cases with SimpleHash

Determine Ownership of In-Game Items:
NFTs by Contract REST API endpoint
Owners by NFT
Track In-Game Assets:
Sales & Transfers by NFT REST API endpoint
Determine object rarity and value:
NFTs by Collection REST API endpoint
Trait Floor Price REST API
Authenticate and Showcase Player Achievements:
NFTs by Wallet(s) REST API endpoint
Ownership Summary by Wallet(s) REST API endpoint
Collections by Wallet(s) REST API endpoint

SimpleHash has built a product that demonstrates they truly understand their customers' pain points with NFT data. Their ability to anticipate needs and ship features before customers even know they need them makes them the best NFT data provider in this space.

Getting NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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