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Article: The next phase of SimpleHash: Q3 2023 Update

Published on: 10/27/2023

The next phase of SimpleHash: Q3 2023 Update

At SimpleHash, we deeply value how customers trust us to be their base layer for NFTs and NFT data, enabling them to deliver top-tier web3 applications and experiences. We don’t take this for granted, which is why we aim to provide reliable, robust, and comprehensive services — day in and day out. 

In Q3, this looked like adding chains, bringing us to over 40 chains. SimpleHash continues to provide the broadest chain and marketplace coverage available — and thousands of developers each month reap the benefits. 

Product upgrades: supporting emerging networks and enhancing the dev experience

In Q3, SimpleHash deployed several significant improvements to our offerings, including: 

  • Support for a wider selection of emerging networks: We were one of the first platforms to expand into Base and Zora, new L2 chains within the Ethereum ecosystem. 
  • Building out the developer experience: We strive to make the average web3 developer’s work as seamless as possible. With this, we’ve improved system reliability and built even more options to query data about collections, wallets, and trends. 
  • Bulk service: We've enhanced the offerings for our bulk streaming service — beyond direct product updates. Users can now leverage our bulk data and reference detailed how-to guides for an improved developer experience. 

We prioritize upgrades and innovations based almost entirely on customer and developer feedback. That's visible with: 

  • Our new support for L2 chains, which customers requested because they're more scalable and have lower transaction costs

  • Our understanding of developer pain points. We added as many endpoints as we could to make it even easier for teams to obtain the data they need

In short, we at SimpleHash have eyes on the latest trends to ensure users are prepared for industry shifts ahead (more on this to come) without compromising current offerings and experiences. 

Bitcoin ordinals: a unique architectural win for SimpleHash users

Since launching support for Bitcoin ordinals at the end of Q2, we've seen the downstream impacts and wins across the board: 

  1. SimpleHash users expand their offerings: Some of our largest customers are adopting ordinal support that should go live early in Q4. We love to see how quickly and effectively these teams have implemented our solution. 
  2. Setting us up for even more innovation: Building this particular integration was an architectural challenge unlike adding any other network. The engineering effort we spent here will help us with other diverse architectures down the line. 
  3. SimpleHash continues to be the leading NFT API: Supporting Bitcoin ordinals means SimpleHash is the only data provider covering every main ecosystem where people trade and use NFTs. 

Internal team growth: leveling up our services for every client

When we hire at SimpleHash, we prioritize relentless focus on shipping the right products, willingness to take feedback from customers and the market, and great culture fit. With so many detailed projects in the works, mission alignment is critical. 

In Q3, we added two new team members who meet all of these criteria. We’re thrilled to introduce: 

  • A new senior engineer with a deep background in NFTs
  • A new sales and partnerships rep to build on our increasingly vertical and analytical sales strategy

We look forward to learning from their expertise and continually leveling up our customer experience. With this, we’re pleased to highlight two of Q3’s new additions to the SimpleHash community: 

  • Meet Ledger, a hardware wallet solution that also offers a global platform to help users begin investing in digital assets to ultimately achieve financial freedom. They’ve created a simple way for consumers to start their crypto journeys while maintaining complete control over their digital assets. 
  • Meet Dust Labs, a software lab building for web3 communities, and creators of leading NFT projects like DeGods and y00ts. They ultimately aim to create valuable tools that power next-generation communities on the new internet. 

Q4 feature roadmap: identifying tactical end-user applications

Q4 is the busiest time of year for most companies, but we remain zeroed in on our main priority: building up SimpleHash to maximize value for existing and future clients. That includes: 

  1. Perfecting NFT data delivery mechanisms
  2. Continuing to enhance the overall dev experience and usability
  3. Producing content to help devs make use of the wide array of NFT standards we support

Overall, we've noticed an imbalance in the NFT space between the tooling and infrastructure being built vs. tangible end-user applications. Everyone's creating standards and products… without specific use cases. 

That's why SimpleHash aims to find the next big use case and solve tactical issues — rather than just marketing new offerings to web3 users. To ensure we create the products people actually need, we stay tuned into the space. Here's where we’ve been lately: 

  • X (FKA Twitter): This social platform is still a prominent crypto news source where key web3 thought influencers, builders, founders, and investors create content. 
  • Conferences (incl. ETHCC and TOKEN2049): Whether at a panel or on the conference floor, we get to speak face-to-face with folks building everything from apps to integral chains that comprise the web3 ecosystem. 
  • Farcaster: This decentralized social network and open protocol supports countless clients, much like email. Users can move their social identity between applications and retain the freedom to build apps on the network. We're plugged into the creators here and amped to see the platform grow. 

Stay tuned for more exciting developments at SimpleHash. 

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