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Article: The next phase of SimpleHash: Q2 2023 Update

Published on: 7/7/2023

The next phase of SimpleHash: Q2 2023 Update

At SimpleHash, our top priority is integrating new customers and helping them succeed. Since we’re their base layer for NFTs and NFT data, we aim to provide reliable, robust, comprehensive service – that means our customers can deliver great NFT experiences. 

Given Q2’s market uncertainty, we’re especially proud to have provided 30+ chains and counting– the broadest chain coverage and marketplace coverage available. Every month thousands of developers are leveraging SimpleHash’s data platform to bring the best NFT experiences to their users.

🔗 Product upgrades: data flexibility and new functionality

Over the past quarter, we significantly expanded our methods of receiving NFT data, implementing entirely new ways to access it, including: 

  • Bulk Data Service – where developers can access data en masse 
  • Webhooks – allows users to get a constant stream of live events and metadata updates

Increasing our offerings means we’re far better suited for intensive data analytics applications and use cases that require comprehensive data from an entire chain. 

📈 Customer growth: compounding Web3 momentum

Over the past few months we’ve had exceptional blockchain, crypto, and NFT companies sign on with us, like: 

  1. Brave – a fast, privacy oriented browser and blockchain-based digital advertising platform with Web3-native features. They currently support 32+ million monthly active users and over 1 million Verified Publishers. 
  2. – a blockchain data and research company trusted by the world’s leading crypto teams and investors. They allow developers to unlock the next level of blockchain analytics with 250+ labeled addresses across 10+ chains. 
  3. Kresus – an up and coming NFT wallet and Web3 superapp focusing on user-friendliness and catering to users who aren’t necessarily crypto-native – users can send NFTs via email or text message. 

🏁 Q3 feature roadmap: ramping engineering velocity

Despite the recent downtrends in the market, we’ve continued to grow in the broader economy, onboard developers to our platform, and forge new partnerships. That’s why in the second half of 2023, we’re launching product features and customer experiences like:

  • More chains
  • More marketplace integrations
  • More flexible ways to access data
  • Improving the customer onboarding experience

As much as we prioritize new and exciting features, we’re also focused on improving our existing solutions. For example, we’re enhancing our developer portal, including a new build out for tracking, analyzing, and reporting request levels and other functions. 

🚀 SimpleHash’s path forward: NFT usage on the rise

NFT standards are proliferating, and more chains and ecosystems see meaningful NFT activity. Developers building innovative companies in Web3 don’t necessarily want to do NFT integrations – they want to buy the solution from SimpleHash instead. 

We abstract away the complexities of changing NFT standards so our users can focus on their core offerings. Stay tuned for more exciting developments at SimpleHash.

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