SimpleHash Updates – February

SimpleHash Updates – February

We’ve been working hard over the past month to ship new capabilities to power your NFT data needs. Here are a few of the major capabilities and updates we’ve released:

Enhanced NFT previews:

We’ve expanded our thumbnail preview support to include additional media types:

• 3D model thumbnails
• Video / movie thumbnails

Getting the previews helps when the original is large, or an uncommon format that would otherwise be difficult to render. These all get served rapidly from our CDN.

These fields show up on our base NFT response bodies, which you can learn more about here.

Rarity scores:

You can now access rarity scores for NFTs in our responses. The rarity score provides a measure of an NFT’s scarcity and uniqueness relative to other NFTs in the same collection.

Our scores are based on the industry standard OpenRarity methodology. Rarity scores are especially helpful for builders of tools to help NFT buyers discover distinctive and valuable NFTs, and to provide more insight into their portfolios.

Read more about our rarity model here.

New endpoints and webhooks:

We’ve released a range of new endpoints and webhook events to give you more flexibility and historical insight in how you access collection data:

SimpleHash is the most comprehensive source of NFT data

The SimpleHash NFT API provides real-time access to metadata, media, transactions, floor prices, ownership stats, collection info and more across 20 blockchains. (With the latest being Palm and the Palm testnet).

We make it easy to build comprehensive NFT experiences that users love. We’re partnered with some of the leading players in web3 – please reach out if you’d like to learn more.

Get started building today – read the API docs.

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