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Article: SimpleHash product update: we’re adding new chains (30+ total)

Published on: 7/7/2023

SimpleHash product update: we’re adding new chains (30+ total)

At SimpleHash, we’re constantly adding new chains based on developer demand. Through listening to our users and developers, we’ve progressed to 30+ chains and counting.

Specifically, we added zero-knowledge EVM-compatible chains (zkEVMs) to match the exciting developer activity happening on these networks. zkEVMs are ideal networks to help Ethereum scale at a high level, and we’re excited to support new NFT entrants in the space. 

👨‍💻 Testnets support and additional chains 

Zooming in, here are two noteworthy improvements we’ve implemented at SimpleHash:

  1. We’ve added support for additional testnets, which are critical for any NFT app developer. Plus, we now cover far more testnets than most other providers. 
  2. We’re rolling out even more relevant chains for teams over the next couple of months. 

⛓️ Multi-chain is the path forward

Across the board, SimpleHash is enhancing our platform to better serve our Web3 users. Our latest rollouts help them take full advantage of the benefits of multi-chain APIs. For instance: 

  • Different networks have distinct advantages like higher scalability or increased security.
  • Expanding chains allows teams to reach more communities and grow user bases. The Floor app just expanded their support to both Ethereum and Solana, gaining a wave of new users in the process. 
  • Teams can de-risk their ecosystems. Web3 can be volatile: It’s difficult to predict which ecosystems will be popular in a few months, let alone a few years. Multi-chain APIs help companies hedge their bets without investing too much in any one architecture. 

We also prioritize flexibility for the clients utilizing our chains. For instance, we natively support a broad array of EVM chains used by Rainbow and Bitski — and we’re leveling up with them as they expand chain support.

📈 Charting the future of Web3 functionality

The dynamism of Web3 means growing SimpleHash is constantly exciting. Looking forward, we have even more features in the pipeline and beyond EVM architecture. As always, new and exciting ecosystems are emerging, and SimpleHash continues to stay on top.

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