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Article: Scaling with SimpleHash: 3 ways Web3 leaders have found success

Published on: 8/3/2023

Scaling with SimpleHash: 3 ways Web3 leaders have found success

SimpleHash is built by developers, for developers. We’re here to improve the NFT experience for Web3 experts and newcomers alike. 

That’s why we offer a free starter plan with 25,000 monthly requests, up to 10 webhooks, and dedicated customer support. SimpleHash powers Web3 leaders and their dev teams — free of charge — until they’re ready to level up to our customized enterprise plan. 

The transition introduces: 

  1. Reliability at scale
  2. Faster time to market
  3. Additional customizations

We’re amped to see teams on the SimpleHash enterprise plan leveraging our full schema of features to scale swiftly and deliver stellar end-to-end product experiences.

Here are three ways Web3 leaders have found success with SimpleHash — in their own words: 

Benefit #1: Scale from 0 to 100 without service interruptions

Customer-facing products need airtight reliability. With SimpleHash’s enterprise plan’s guaranteed SLAs around uptime and throttle avoidance, you can ensure consistent performance and a great UX.

For example, one SimpleHash client has a massive upcoming drop for their minting platform, and they’re unsure of how many users will visit the site when they go live. Fortunately, their platform can handle any capacity — because SimpleHash’s infrastructure is designed to scale with your users, without interruptions. Our paid platform guarantees reliability, no matter how quickly your traffic ramps up. 

Benefit #2: Deliver a superior product experience — backed by SimpleHash’s real-time support

The NFT space is evolving rapidly — new standards surface almost every week. That means frequent shifts in the implementation of NFTs between chains. Plus, pulling market data, such as sales and listings are nuanced issues on their own. 

Even then, SimpleHash users adapt and scale faster to create superior customer experiences. Many of them attribute this to our real-time support team, whom they can call on to draw from our wide range of NFT product experience. 

For example, we helped the team at Bitski get up to speed with new NFT functionality by ensuring they have: 

  1. Reliable sources for market data
  2. Spam scores to ensure a spam-free UI/UX
  3. Tailored SimpleHash features to serve their product roadmap

In the process, they saved 2–3+ months of engineering work and lifted platform speed by 50%.

Benefit #3: Ensure a clean, spam-free customer experience

The volume of NFT spam is only increasing as transaction throughput goes up. 

Without equipping the appropriate spam scores, users will be deterred from your platform — and the NFT space as a whole. After all, no user wants to be flooded with spammy NFTS. 

Fortunately, the SimpleHash enterprise plan grants access to our airtight spam scores. 

We work with each one of our customers to weed out spam for a pristine end-user experience. For example, we created a bespoke spam filtering functionality for Rainbow, saving 160 hours of in-house dev work.

To get started with our enterprise solution today, drop us a line! Our platform is perfect for infrastructure tooling such as Web3 wallets, NFT analytics platforms, and crypto infrastructure. We’ll suggest plans that make sense based on your team size and kick off from there.

Getting token & NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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