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Article: Query Fungible Tokens Using SimpleHash

Published on: 5/14/2024

Query Fungible Tokens Using SimpleHash

Announcing fungibles support on SimpleHash

At SimpleHash, we’re on a mission to make accessing token data of any form as easy as possible. Developers should be able to focus on building amazing user experiences, apps, and platforms, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure or tooling. Over the past 2 years we’ve enabled that via support for NFTs across all the major ecosystems — now 60 chains and counting.

Today, we’re announcing an exciting new extension to these capabilities, with support for fungibles.

What are fungibles?

As you might guess by the name, fungibles are any sort of token where each individual unit is interchangeable — as opposed to NFTs where each unique token can be tracked and deemed held by a specific address (or multiple addresses for semi-fungibles / ERC1155s). The most common type of fungibles you might encounter are ERC20s - arbitrary tokens on EVM chains that trade independently, and which are used in a variety of applications, including trading, staking, as in-game currencies, or purely as memes.

For all of these kinds of applications, it's crucial to be able to understand which wallets hold which fungible tokens, and their balances at every given moment. Accurately being able to provide the trade history, and current state is necessary to run any kind of user or business logic for a whole host of different crypto apps, including wallets, trading platforms, DeFi applications, and more.

Historically, easily and rapidly accessing fungible token data across multiple chains has been challenging, especially as the number of chains, and the types of tokens proliferated. We've made it our goal to solve this. Today, we’re launching support for a set of new endpoints that will make querying real time fungible token data easy and reliable for any developer.

All token data in one place

Previously, developers might need to stick together multiple platforms and providers, or even run in-house indexing to reliably get access to all kinds of token data across fungibles and non-fungibles. Now, with SimpleHash's support for fungibles, they can use a familiar set of API endpoints to get all of this data, without having to juggle multiple ingestion options. Our new fungible endpoints work in the same way as our existing NFT ones, and they come with the same reliability guarantees and accuracy that developers expect.

New fungible token endpoints:

The new fungible endpoints we're launching today include:

  • Fungibles Balance by Wallet(s) - This endpoint makes it simple to quickly grab the current set of fungibles held by a given set of wallets. It's conveniently ordered by the most recently transferred, and includes the current balances for each token, along with their symbol and name

  • Fungible Top Wallets - Do your users care about seeing a leaderboard for the top holders of a specific fungible token type? Or running analytics on these wallets? This endpoint can help with that.
  • Fungible Sales & Transfers by Wallet(s) - Built for applications that need to understand the fungible trading history of a specific wallet, it can be parsed by block or timestamp.
  • Sales & Transfers by Fungible - Need to understand the trading history for a specific type of fungible token? You can go down to that granularity with this endpoint.

Supported Chains, and Upcoming Capabilities

To start with, we’re supporting 7 of the most active and emerging chains across ecosystems: the EVM L2s Base, Blast, Scroll, Palm, Xai, and Zora, plus Runes on Bitcoin. Other EVM chains, and Solana will be coming soon. Support for fungibles topics via our Kafka Bulk Service option will also be launching shortly.

We're not stopping just at transfers and balances either - we'll also be adding the capability to directly query real-time market prices for all fungible tokens, making real-time valuation, portfolio tracking, and trading applications even easier to build.

Questions, feedback or asks on the launch of fungible tokens? We’d love to hear from you — reach out at

Getting NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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