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Article: New NFT API endpoints and webhook events – December 2022

Published on: 12/1/2022

New NFT API endpoints and webhook events – December 2022

At SimpleHash, we’ve been working hard to ship new functionality and capabilities to serve our users, and make accessing NFT data easier than ever. We’re excited to announce the release of a new set of endpoints and webhook events.

New endpoints:

  • Collections by Contract – with the Collections by Contract endpoint, developers can now easily look up unique collection IDs using the smart contract address on EVM-based chains, even in cases where the collections don’t have a one-to-one relationship with contracts (such as marketplace shared contracts). This makes it much easier to find summary collection data, without having to query an individual NFT on the contract.
  • Collections by Marketplacethis endpoint allows developers to look up summary information for collections, filtered by specific NFT marketplaces.
  • Collections by Chaina full index with the summary information of all collections for a given chain.
  • Listings by Collection and Listings by Contract – these endpoints allow developers to look up the open listings for specific NFTs by collection, or by contract address. This is useful for developers who are interested in open listing information across marketplaces, as it provides the available listings in one response, along with the detailed metadata.

New webhook events:

  • Collection floor price update – this helps developers who need real-time notifications when the floor prices of NFT collections change. This allows for up-to-date tracking of price movements without polling, crucial to any application tracking NFT pricing or collection values over time.

In addition, SimpleHash now includes OpenSea collection metadata in our core responses for every EVM chain OpenSea supports, not just Ethereum and Polygon. This is a huge benefit for developers, extending the range of NFT collection information they can include in their applications.

SimpleHash’s new API endpoints and webhook events are another step forward for developers working with NFTs. They make it easier to find and work with collections and marketplace activity data, and provide important information and updates in real-time. If you’re a developer looking to simplify your NFT workflow, be sure to check out these endpoints and webhooks. Please feel free to reach out at with any feedback too.

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