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Case Study: How Zerion expanded support for NFTs across seven chains with SimpleHash

Published on: 10/17/2023

How Zerion expanded support for NFTs across seven chains with SimpleHash

Learn how Zerion uses SimpleHash’s reliable data infrastructure and rapid processing times to augment their request capacity and broaden their chain support. 

  • Expanded support for NFTs across seven unique chains
  • Leveraged NFT metadata for 10 EVMs and more than 100,000 NFTs


Trusted by 300,000+ active monthly users, Zerion enables users to connect to any dApp — from NFTs to DeFi and everything in between — with one wallet. Zerion offers multi-chain, real-time trading made easy, with 10+ supported networks and 500+ integrated protocols. In order to remain competitive and lightning fast for users, the Zerion team turned to SimpleHash. 


Zerion needed a new metadata provider to support more chains & remain competitive

For hundreds of thousands of Web3 enthusiasts, Zerion is their NFT and DeFi wallet of choice. To maintain excellence and grow, they planned to support as many chains as possible and minimize reliance on a single data provider. At the time, the Zerion team used a different API, which came with a number of issues like: 

  • Stringent rate limits
  • Sluggish client support
  • Unintuitive documentation

So, Zerion began searching for a new NFT metadata provider for EVM-compatible chains. This decision was crucial for two main reasons: 

  1. As more and more competitors in the space began supporting new chains, Zerion could not afford to fall behind and potentially lose users. 
  1. Adding support for specific chains would be hugely beneficial. For instance, the team at POAP had repeatedly inquired about integrating with Zerion.

Zerion explored what felt like countless options in the space, but no APIs functioned well enough — until they discovered SimpleHash. Considering our extensive chain coverage, user-friendly interface, and reputation as a leading NFT data provider, the team at Zerion did not hesitate to reach out. 


Zerion found the onboarding process with SimpleHash seamless, thanks to our comprehensive and user-friendly documentation. Since then, our partnership has led to four major benefits for their team. 

Benefit #1: SimpleHash is ready to adapt our tech to your needs

Since day one, SimpleHash has flexibly catered to offerings that benefit Zerion’s product flow. For example, our engineers implemented several new endpoints at their team’s request. As a result, Zerion can smoothly deploy multi-chain support with zero issues — enabling a truly unified and frictionless wallet experience for their end users. 

Benefit #2: High-touch client support

Beyond the initial onboarding, SimpleHash and Zerion share a dedicated Slack channel for direct, real-time communication. They also hold bi-monthly meetings, where SimpleHash addresses all queries.

Benefit #3: SimpleHash reliably supports a wide array of use cases

Zerion implements SimpleHash for a wide range of use cases, including: 

  • Processing real-time sales and floor prices from multiple marketplaces
  • Bootstrapping new users’ NFTs when they test out the Zerion wallet
  • Automatic daily refreshing of NFT and collection metadata
  • Accurate spam filters to hide spam NFTs

Benefit #4: Effective AI spam detection

One of SimpleHash’s most critical contributions for Zerion is their spam detection. Andrey Balyasnikov, Head of Product at Zerion, emphasizes how central the feature is to his company’s functionality. Here’s how it works: SimpleHash uses AI that analyzes data and flags spam while also prioritizing user requests to mark collections as spam. 

Scamming on Polygon and other chains can result in users losing significant amounts of money, so the spam detection feature helps avert such disasters and improves the user experience. 

“SimpleHash promptly supported every event we needed. They were also undoubtedly the fastest at fulfilling our requests, and provided every possible kind of NFT metadata format.”


Thanks to SimpleHash, Zerion is a truly competitive multi-chain wallet

SimpleHash proved to be the ideal upgrade for Zerion’s existing NFT infrastructure, offering unmatched rate limits, exceptional support, and intuitive documentation.

With our NFT data infrastructure supporting their product, Zerion is able to keep up with the competition in their wallet space and complete projects on time for greater customer satisfaction. This has driven results including: 

  • Expanded support for NFTs across seven unique chains
  • Leveraged NFT metadata for 10 EVMs and more than 100,000 NFTs

Getting token & NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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