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Case Study: How Ultimate increased user access to NFTs by 30% with SimpleHash

Published on: 9/29/2023

How Ultimate increased user access to NFTs by 30% with SimpleHash

Ultimate is the powerful self-custody wallet for buying and selling tokens across Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Optimized for a seamless, multi-chain mobile experience, Ultimate allows users to explore dApps and interact with any protocol on any network, create wallets on any chain, purchase NFTs on any marketplace, and more — all within one interface. 

  • Ultimate users can view 30% more NFTs with SimpleHash
  • Users have access to latest NFTs on ETH, SOL & BTC


Hacking together support for multiple chains is a massive engineering lift

According to Dev Pramoth, Product Manager at Ultimate, NFT standards can majorly differ from one chain to the next. This is especially difficult if you’re a Web3 wallet like Ultimate that supports Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. As a result, creating a streamlined end-user experience requires heavy lifting. 

Dev’s team invested notable time and funds into building solutions with other data providers, who ultimately fell short. They couldn’t accomplish the sophisticated NFT data indexing that Ultimate needs in order to give end users access to real-time sale statuses, changes in floor prices, and much more. To successfully build this out and differentiate themselves from competitors, Ultimate required a comprehensive NFT API. 
So, the team searched for a solution that specializes in enhancing NFT experiences and soon realized SimpleHash was the tool they’d been missing. 

“Currently, there are a bunch of NFT standards. If you're a wallet like Ultimate that operates on Ethereum, Solana, & Bitcoin, you’re working between two completely different worlds. In order to give the end user one unified experience, there’s just a lot of work to do.” 


Ultimate’s onboarding with SimpleHash was quick and frictionless. Dev explains that the SimpleHash team was responsive at all times and continues to provide that level of attentive, white-glove support to this day. For instance, Ultimate can easily access any member of our team, from developers, to ecosystem leads, to even our co-founders for bespoke needs, pricing information, and collaboration proposals.
As a result, Ultimate experiences two unique benefits of the SimpleHash solution. 

Benefit #1: Comprehensive chain support and coverage

As a small company, Ultimate must carefully consider every additional cost. However, when they experienced the utility of SimpleHash’s multi-chain NFT API for themselves, teaming up was a no-brainer.

Dev emphasizes how SimpleHash supports every chain Ultimate needs better than any competing provider. Plus, SimpleHash handles all of the maintenance attached to our data infrastructure, which is another serious relief for Ultimate in terms of time and cost savings. 

Benefit #2: Top-tier data indexing to streamline Ultimate’s end-user experience

Dev doesn’t mince words: “SimpleHash leads us to the best end-user experience in NFTs that we could build out.” With SimpleHash’s infrastructure, Ultimate has everything they need to provide a robust wallet experience with all of the necessary marketplace trimmings. 

Plus, Dev highlights one unmatched SimpleHash feature: our advanced media indexing, which ensures seamless visual formatting — a major differentiator for Ultimate. The unified look of NFTs across the app simplifies client-side project uptake and further streamlines its UX. 


With SimpleHash, Ultimate can provide a differentiated wallet experience

Since onboarding with SimpleHash, the team at Ultimate has seen some impressive results, including: 

  • Ultimate users can view 30% more NFTs with SimpleHash
  • Users have access to latest NFTs on ETH, SOL & BTC

Looking ahead, the Ultimate team is thrilled that SimpleHash is leading the ecosystem in supporting Ordinal NFTs. According to Dev, this represents what Ultimate loves about the partnership: SimpleHash is always ahead of the curve and works to stay there in service of their users. 

Getting NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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