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Case Study: How Integral saved 70% of their development time with SimpleHash

Published on: 8/3/2023

How Integral saved 70% of their development time with SimpleHash

Integral is a new kind of accounting stack — purpose-built for Web3 and crypto. The platform connects with all of your accounting and treasury management channels, making it easy to gain a precise, comprehensive view of your crypto business. When their in-house data processes consumed too many resources, the Integral team set out to find the best-in-class data providers for NFT collectors. Soon enough, they discovered SimpleHash’s multi-chain NFT API.

“It was clear from the get-go that the SimpleHash team moves fast and cares a lot about each of their clients. That’s what attracted me to working with them — and both of those points have held true.” - William Grant, Head of Growth at Integral

The Challenge

In-house data indexing can eat up your development resources

Prior to SimpleHash, Integral’s in-house developers built custom internal paths to index data sources. Unfortunately, the downside was steep: costly, time-consuming development.

Once the team realized it was time to consider an infrastructure solution, William Grant, Head of Growth at Integral, named three requirements any API provider would have to meet: 

  1. A substantial number of supported blockchains
  2. Pricing that scales reasonably and transparently with the client
  3. The ability to leverage one API integration across different ecosystems

When William found SimpleHash, he knew he had found everything he wanted for Integral — and more — in one multi-chain API.

“We essentially went on a journey to discover who the best-in-class data and API providers are in the Web3 space. That’s what led us to SimpleHash.” 

The Solution

SimpleHash provides a seamless, multi-chain API at a scalable cost

After evaluating over a dozen providers, Integral was thrilled to stop their search and turn to SimpleHash to build and ship features with unprecedented speed and ease. William calls out two ways the SimpleHash solution stands out: the tech and the team. 

  1. Seamless data handling — SimpleHash’s multi-chain API checked all three of Integral’s aforementioned boxes. Their developers gained instant access to NFT metadata, media, sales, and more across 30+ chains. This treasure trove of years’ worth of historical data leveled up Integral’s development and set them apart in their marketplace. 
  1. Transparent, scalable partnership — “What we found really nice about the SimpleHash team is their pricing is extremely transparent,” says William. As a result, Integral didn’t just improve their current use cases — they found a team and a technical solution that they could scale with effectively. 
“Integral ended up with a high-quality Web3 data source and the ability to ship a new feature that’s being used by some of the largest NFT collections in the world. That is all based on the data SimpleHash provides us.” 

The Results

SimpleHash’s rapid tech & team help Integral outpace the competition

It’s no secret that the Web3 landscape is constantly evolving and highly competitive. Anytime a new NFT ecosystem gains popularity, Integral seeks the first-mover advantage. Now, with SimpleHash’s speedy tech and team behind them, they can do so easily. 

According to William, SimpleHash constantly integrates with new products and ecosystems — enabling Integral to ship features that stay ahead of the curve with no extra lift. Here are some of the metrics SimpleHash has driven for Integral so far: 

  • 70% savings in development time
  • $7,000–10,000 in annual savings

Looking ahead, William emphasizes SimpleHash’s transparent pricing and open, forward-thinking team culture — signs of a reliable partner for the long haul. From boosts to dev efficiency to decreases in API engineering costs, there’s no limit to the results SimpleHash can drive for Integral.

Getting token & NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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