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Case Study: How Bitski improved platform speed by 50% with SimpleHash

Published on: 7/3/2023

How Bitski improved platform speed by 50% with SimpleHash

Bitski is making web3 accessible for everyone. Backed by a16z, Kindred Ventures, Galaxy Digital, and others, Bitski is keeping your digital goods physically safe. The Bitski Wallet is secured by the Bitski Vault and offers simplified signing screens, quick notifications, and a seamless way to manage all your blockchain activity. Whether a beginner or an experienced user, the Bitski Wallet has everything you need to start your crypto and web3 journey.

The Challenge

Navigating a minefield of inadequate solutions for spam scoring

The Bitski team needed a way to integrate spam scoring into their wallet, track spam for their users, and filter it out. They began searching for solutions and encountered several roadblocks: 

  1. Many providers do not support spam scores for Polygon or ETH.
  2. When Bitski tested additional solutions for showing NFT metadata or improving pagination, client support was unreliable. 

With other priorities, the team explored external providers to work with. Luckily, they soon discovered and decided to try SimpleHash.

The Solution

SimpleHash combines time-saving solutions with white-glove support

After discovering SimpleHash, the Bitski team utilized Checkly to test our APIs for accuracy and latency. The tech worked so well that a few days later, Bitski decided to switch over their NFT data stack to SimpleHash. 

The Bitski software team can seamlessly validate lists of spam vs. legit NFTs against our API. On top of this, Lauren emphasizes the SimpleHash team’s consistent support and transparent comms. She calls out examples from our teams’ partnership: 

  1. A roadmap for new tooling and feature releases – According to Lauren, “SimpleHash is so good at sticking to timelines and keeping us involved in the prioritization process.” 
  2. Timely, customized execution – the Bitski team knows they can trust SimpleHash because we execute in a timely manner and incorporate client feedback. As a result, Bitski has been able to flexibly adapt the SimpleHash platform to their unique use case. 

The Results

SimpleHash accelerates both internal workflows & platform speeds

Since teaming up with SimpleHash, the Bitski team has implemented our solutions across the board rather than trying to hack them together in-house — saving countless months of work. 

SimpleHash has also provided impressive niche results, including webhooks for improving site accuracy in real time and improvements to latency that load wallets in seconds (whereas MetaMask took minutes). 

Take a closer look at the metric benefits SimpleHash has driven for Bitski: 

  • Months saved using SimpleHash’s data processing and spam solution
  • 50% improvement in platform speed 

The Future

SimpleHash supports clients’ efforts to scale

Looking forward, Lauren drives home the fact that SimpleHash is built to scale with Bitski — no extra work required. To support more chains, all her team has to do is take a couple of minutes to tweak a bit of code. In addition, if Bitski sees upticks in usage and hits the SimpleHash API more frequently, our team proactively gets in touch to ensure all of the numbers are working. 

Ultimately, Lauren and the Bitski team are excited to keep partnering with SimpleHash to minimize their engineering burden and receive long-term support.

Getting NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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