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Case Study: Frame & SimpleHash – Empowering NFT Developers & Creators

Published on: 10/6/2023

Frame & SimpleHash – Empowering NFT Developers & Creators


SimpleHash is extending its platform capabilities with the integration of Frame, a new L2 network designed for NFT use cases. Frame's objective is clear-cut: to make NFTs accessible to everyone. This aligns with SimpleHash's commitment to equip developers with the most comprehensive tools for building exceptional end-user experiences underpinned by digital assets.


What is Frame?

Built by a team with deep experience in crypto and NFTs, Frame is an Ethereum-based rollup network. While many features are still under wraps, Frame has revealed that the network has distinct features tailored specifically for NFT creators, collectors, and enthusiasts.

One example is how royalties will be treated. Frame is committing to empowering creators, by including a protocol-level enforcement mechanism known as Palette, designed to avoid mis-matched experiences at the application layer. In their view, creator activity and adoption will be incentivized through providing creators with the security and reassurance that they will receive royalties no matter what. 

Beyond royalty enforcement, Frame is emphasizing that the chain will be a secure environment where both creators and collectors are prioritized, and kept safe. From launch, Frame will also be making use of Delegate, a protocol that allows for intelligent linking of wallets, making it much safer for creators to mint, prove ownership, and claim airdrops from their hot wallets.

Read Frame's thread on X where they preview their vision for the chain:

What makes Frame great for NFT developers and users?

L2 networks are currently a hub of innovation within the EVM ecosystem, and Frame’s focus is on adapting specific workflows to reduce the expense for builders. Frame aims to make transactions up to 20 times cheaper than on the Ethereum mainnet, lowering the financial barriers for new users, which was a consistent criticism of the NFT space since the previous bull run.

The NFT space has been often perceived as exclusive, and inaccessible to anyone without pre-existing crypto wealth. Frame’s efforts on reducing costs are aimed to reduce the chance that this perception lingers throughout future market cycles.

In addition to developers and end-users, Frame strongly recognizes the effort and time expended by contributors in enhancing the overall NFT and collector ecosystem and has designed mechanisms to give back.

More specifically, on Frame, L2 gas fees paid by users directly contribute to the Frame Creator's Fund, which aims to recognize and compensate the significant efforts of creators, developers, and community members within the NFT sector. Frame expects this to be a core element of driving awareness and mindshare amongst developers moving forward.


Why is SimpleHash excited about Frame?

At the heart of both platforms lies a shared ethos: democratizing access to NFTs and fostering a thriving ecosystem.

  • Alignment of Vision: Both Frame and SimpleHash are built on the principle of inclusivity. While Frame aims to address major pain points within the NFT community, particularly surrounding royalties and security, SimpleHash is designed to provide developers with a unified access point to various blockchains and ecosystems that now includes Frame. The mission? To ensure every developer, creator, and enthusiast, irrespective of their blockchain expertise, can easily navigate and benefit from the NFT landscape.
  • Empowering Developers: The collaboration is more than a mere technical integration. It's about equipping developers with the tools and resources they need to thrive. Frame's emphasis on reduced costs and secure environments perfectly complements SimpleHash's robust API offerings, which simplify the developer experience and reduce go-to-market times. In essence, developers get the best of both worlds: an optimized L2 chain for NFTs and a powerful API platform to build upon it.
  • Shared Commitment to the Community: Both platforms place a significant emphasis on community building. While Frame's Creator's Fund demonstrates a direct commitment to those enhancing the NFT space, SimpleHash's complimentary query offerings for Frame’s rollout is a testament to its commitment to supporting developers and startups in their journey.


How SimpleHash is supporting developers building on Frame

SimpleHash is adding support for Frame (both mainnet and testnet) as a premier supported network. All functionality, including real-time querying of metadata, media, balances and events will be accessible via our REST API, Webhooks and Bulk Service solutions. 

We’re also rolling out a new program to make it even easier and cheaper for developers to build on Frame, and take advantage of everything the chain has to offer.

Accessing Frame NFT data on SimpleHash is free - and comes with full Enterprise support

As part of the launch, when Frame testnet and mainnet go live, usage of queries for these networks will be complementary on the SimpleHash platform during the extended rollout period. Any developer making use of Frame can take advantage of unlimited requests and Enterprise-level support, completely free of charge. SimpleHash is providing this to help spur the advancement of the Frame developer community, and to facilitate the birth of as many new and innovative NFT experiences as possible. To take advantage of this, just email and we’ll get you set-up.

We’ll also be launching a major campaign of developer awareness and education, specifically aimed at spurring developer adoption on Frame, so stay tuned for more updates.


Where can I learn more about Frame? 

Check out the following resources:

About SimpleHash 

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SimpleHash provides real-time access to metadata, media, sales, floor prices, listings, collections and more across 40 chains. 

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