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Case Study: Daylight x SimpleHash

Published on: 2/14/2024

Daylight x SimpleHash

Daylight x SimpleHash

Daylight is “Onchain for You” - the best way to discover fun things to do in crypto. They’ve built a sophisticated transaction engine to surface the most relevant transactions and actions for crypto end users. Developers building wallets and other dapps with the Daylight API can drive increased engagement and revenue, through providing relevant and timely actions that could be made, while also helping optimize referral bonuses. Daylight provides value to multiple stakeholders within the ecosystem - tools, protocols and brands can also submit themselves for inclusion on the platform, helping increase usefulness and value creation in crypto overall.

Most recently, Daylight has made waves with their frame (an interactive cast, where a cast is the equivalent of a tweet on X/Twitter) on the crypto-native social network Warpcast. The frame is an unclaimed airdrop checker, allowing users to find and retrieve funds on-chain that they were eligible for. Moving forward, Daylight is moving even deeper into quest-type activities and concepts to further drive on-chain engagement.

Powering all of this requires a sophisticated set of infrastructure, interfacing with many different networks, interfaces, and asset types.

The Challenge: Getting reliable NFT data

Since their rise to prominence in 2021, NFTs have become an integral element of crypto activity and culture. New mints drive discussions and activity in different communities - and entire IPs and companies have been built around NFT collections. Almost every major wallet and crypto platform has some form of NFT capability built in.

It’s no surprise then, that as part of wanting to surface the best and most relevant crypto transactions, Daylight would need access to reliable and complete NFT data across multiple chains. In particular, Daylight cares about getting accurate metadata & media, along with creator insights, in order to improve its recommendation engine.

Building out this infrastructure in-house is time consuming and expensive however. For Daylight, knowing they wanted to focus on their end-user experience, they decided to find the right solution to provide NFT metadata and creator info - which is where SimpleHash came in.

SimpleHash has been working with Daylight since 2022, and has continually provided access to the most relevant, and emerging EVM chains as they grow in overall NFT activity.

“It’s been super helpful that SimpleHash has coverage across all of the chains we can about - it makes it easy to ingest the data we need for the platform no matter which chain we’re building insights on” – Morley Zhi, Co-Founder, Daylight

The Daylight team had a few specific requirements for sourcing NFT data, including:

  • The need to have comprehensive metadata for all relevant tokens, especially NFT titles, descriptions, and other info
  • High quality and reliable cached images for collections and for specific tokens
  • Coverage across multiple EVM-based chains
  • NFT creator insights, in order to help recommend new mints based on who a user has previously interacted with

The Solution

SimpleHash met these requirements, and the team got started with the integration. Daylight makes use of SimpleHash’s REST API, which they found easy to implement and integrate.

“SimpleHash’s developer docs are great - it was super straightforward for us to identify the API endpoints we needed, and then get started integrating them to our own platform” – Kyle McCollom, Co-Founder, Daylight

Daylight also pointed to the responsive support provided by the SimpleHash team – and their ability and willingness to reply rapidly to any query or question the team might have about either the API endpoints, or NFT data in general.

Natively Multi-Chain

Being natively multi-chain was a major benefit. Via the SimpleHash API, Daylight has been able to query any and all token metadata, transaction history, and owner balances for further ingestion into their platform.

Daylight has made particular usage of the following SimpleHash capabilities:

And they’re big users of EVM data from the following chains that SimpleHash supports:

  • Ethereum
  • Optimism
  • Zora
  • Base
  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum

Transparent cost model

Beyond the technical benefits, SimpleHash offers a straightforward pricing structure dependent on the number of requests, enabling crypto teams to expand with their growth. This clarity and ability to scale ensured that Daylight not only enhanced its existing operations but also established a partnership capable of evolving and advancing with them.

"With SimpleHash, we reduced our cost and complexity for our NFT pipelines - both in terms of how much time we would have spent building it ourselves, and the cost and compute that goes along with that"  – Kyle McCollom, Co-Founder, Daylight

The results:

  • Eng and compute savings of more than $40K annually
  • 200 hours of dev planning / engineering time

Looking forward, Daylight points out that SimpleHash's ongoing adoption of new NFT standards results in fewer technical issues for them, freeing up time to improve their main product.

Daylight aims to create the best discovery platform for the crypto community, and SimpleHash is keen to assist in this effort by offering support for the broadest and most reliable NFT data.

Getting token & NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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