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Case Study: Coinbase Wallet x SimpleHash

Published on: 4/28/2024

Coinbase Wallet x SimpleHash

Coinbase Wallet NFTs - now powered by SimpleHash

Coinbase is one of the most iconic names in crypto, and SimpleHash is thrilled to support Coinbase Wallet. We're on a mission to enable their support for additional chain ecosystems, including Solana. Above all, we're laser-focused on helping them deliver their vision of user-friendly self-custody experiences, while unlocking crypto to an even bigger audience.

Coinbase has played a huge and influential role in driving the industry forward - and we're delighted to be enabling a rich NFT experience for Coinbase Wallet, across a variety of chains - Olly Wilson, Co-Founder, SimpleHash

Base Ecosystem Program

Base is the secure, low-cost, and builder-friendly Ethereum L2, designed to bring the next billion users on-chain. SimpleHash has supported Base since launch - and now in conjunction with our partnership with Coinbase, any NFT developer can sign up for the Base Ecosystem Program. This program provides complimentary access to a SimpleHash enterprise plan when using Base queries, including direct VIP support. SimpleHash is excited to continue to make it easier to build on one of the most exciting onchain ecosystems and to power the next wave of NFT and token-enabled apps.

For full details, and to get started, simply message and our team will get you enrolled.

Getting NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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