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Article: Bitski builds the NFT wallet for everyone, powered by SimpleHash

Published on: 7/7/2023

Bitski builds the NFT wallet for everyone, powered by SimpleHash

Through their relentless innovation and commitment to delivering value to NFT enthusiasts, Bitski is fast becoming a leading player in the NFT economy and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the space. SimpleHash’s multi-chain NFT infrastructure helps power these experiences.

"Bitski has partnered with SimpleHash because they enable us to provide seamless NFT data to our wallet users around the world" - Blake Menezes, Bitski Vice President of Marketing

Building a delightful NFT experience

“Experiences should delight, not discourage” is central to Bitski’s approach to building a crypto wallet in 2023. Users of the Bitski Wallet should feel confident, rather than wary, about the interactions with decentralized applications.

Bitski caters to both those who prefer self-custody and those who want a more straightforward solution. The wallet can be created using just an email and password, but it also boasts hardware-level security (including SOC 2 Type 1 compliance) and mobile accessibility. Above all, Bitski seeks to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience, with complexity abstracted away.

Core to this mission is to provide a fantastic NFT experience. NFTs exploded in popularity over the past two years. Beyond the initial wave of speculation, their unique properties allow for scarce digital goods to be created and traded, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for crypto-economic systems. As more creators, artists, musicians, athletes, and other public figures issue their own NFTs, and as they are integrated into more games and applications, NFTs will become a more significant aspect of the crypto and blockchain landscape, all requiring the wallet experience to be reimagined.

“Experiences should delight, not discourage”

Key Bitski Features

Want to utilize NFTs across multiple chains? Bitski covers both Ethereum and Polygon

Need real-time insight about your on-chain activity? Bitski provides push notifications

Want the safety of having a backup option to restore your wallet? Bitski’s recovery approach is user-friendly while still remaining secure

Bitski wallet experience

Powering NFTs using SimpleHash

NFT data is more complex than other kinds of blockchain data for multiple reasons:

  • Each NFT is unique - as by definition, they are not usually interchangeable, data must be tracked per NFT
  • NFTs can represent complex assets - they could be digital collectibles, in-game items, artwork, etc. So the data associated with an NFT may be rich and composed of different elements (images, metadata, etc.)
  • The ownership and transfer of NFTs needs to be carefully tracked - any use case needs to properly handle transfers, sales, mints, and burns and update the ownership data accurately
  • The value of NFTs can fluctuate - necessitating close tracking of pricing/valuation data as well for certain use cases, across collections
  • Each chain and contract may have a different implementation

Getting this data reliably, at scale, while supporting all collections and different types of NFTs is a challenge. That’s where the SimpleHash NFT API comes in – SimpleHash provides all of the metadata, media, transaction / sale history, listings, collection info and more across 20 chains, in real-time.

After evaluating a number of different infrastructure options, Bitski decided to partner with SimpleHash to provide NFT data. SimpleHash offers a reliable and consistent experience across multiple chains, comprehensive metadata and media, and unique capabilities, such as NFT collection spam scores.

SimpleHash offers a reliable and consistent experience across multiple chains, comprehensive metadata and media, and unique capabilities, such as NFT collection spam scores.

Cross-chain capabilities

SimpleHash supports NFTs on 20 chains (as of March 2023). Unlike other options, each chain is provided via a common schema, with the ability to query multiple chains and multiple wallet addresses at once. SimpleHash indexes all of the major blockchains in near real time, with state changes and metadata updates being reflected in mere seconds. Bitski leverages SimpleHash’s best in class chain integrations for Ethereum mainnet and Polygon.

Comprehensive metadata and media

SimpleHash is focused on solving as many edge cases with NFT metadata as possible. The SimpleHash indexer covers all major NFT standards, in addition to non-standard contracts and formats.

Using the SimpleHash API makes developers’ lives easier by providing the full-set of on and off chain metadata for all NFTs (as opposed to a small selection of collections). In addition, the API provides a number of developer quality of life enhancements, including:

  • CDN-cached media for fast querying (obtained through intelligent re-try schedules for when external sources timeout)
  • Dynamically resizable thumbnail previews, including for 3D models and videos
  • Real-time floor prices across multiple marketplaces
  • Most recent sales per NFT within the response body
  • Live view of owners for an NFT, also within the response body
  • Collection stats and holder insights

Bitski leverages these capabilities to bring even more insight to its users on the value and unique characteristics of their NFTs.

The SimpleHash indexer covers all major NFT standards, in addition to non-standard contracts and formats.

NFT collection spam scores

Spam NFT collections have become a huge problem, especially on networks with lower transaction fees (e.g., Polygon). SimpleHash solves this issue by offering NFT collection spam scores. Using over a dozen signals, the API provides a 0-100 score by collection (where 0 is unlikely spam, and 100 is likely). Users of the API can then use these scores to improve the overall UX for NFTs within their apps. 

Bitski leverages the SimpleHash API to augment its existing spam/scam database. It queries the current scores by collection for Ethereum and Polygon, and incorporates them into Bitski’s core spam detection approach.

What’s next

As the NFT space continues to evolve, Bitski is committed to staying ahead of the curve and delivering the best possible experience for its customers. The team is exploring new use cases for NFTs, while staying focused on the needs of their customers and continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible.


What is Bitski?

Bitski is “The NFT wallet for everyone.” Connect to your favorite apps, stay updated with push notifications, and view your self-custody wallets alongside your Bitski Wallet.

What is SimpleHash?

SimpleHash is the most comprehensive NFT data provider. The API and webhook service allows developers to gather NFT information in any fashion they need, with dozens of integrations with core marketplaces and projects in the space.

How does Bitski use SimpleHash?

How do I get started on SimpleHash?

Visit the SimpleHash website or sign up for a free API key directly here.

Getting token & NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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