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Case Study: 0xPPL x SimpleHash

Published on: 3/25/2024

0xPPL x SimpleHash

0xPPL: A social network for on-chain natives

0xPPL is the social network for on-chain natives. Users can connect with friends, notable figures, and interesting personalities from across crypto.

The platform makes it seamless upon sign-up to easily find and follow the most relevant individuals, along with generating a customized feed that showcases activities and updates from connections in an easily digestible format, making it simple to stay informed about what's happening within the industry.

Beyond social features, 0xPPL is equipped with advanced tools tailored for the more technical members of the crypto space. These include an Explorer for visualizing user interactions and transactions, a Screener for conducting detailed searches across multiple blockchains, and a Bundling feature to consolidate wallet identities. Targeting the core of the crypto ecosystem, 0xPPL has been inviting on-chain enthusiasts, developers, and early adopters alike to join its early access program, promising a unique blend of social networking and technical insight.

With a stacked team of crypto and social veterans, and deep engineering and design expertise, 0xPPL is one of the best placed teams to be building at the intersection of on-chain and social.

Taking the Activity Feed to the Next Level

Unsurprisingly given their place in the ecosystem, NFTs make up a significant part of the feature-set and experience of the platform.

However, during late 2023, 0xPPL was having challenges with the build-out of the NFT functionality of its platform and core activity feed. Specifically, they needed to:

  • Efficiently ingest the metadata, media, and other attributes of NFTs across different chains efficiently and reliably, at a minimal cost
  • Quickly sort NFTs queried in a given feed by their core market attributes, including most recent sale and floor price
  • Identify and remove spam NFTs from being displayed to end users, and do so without having to paginate and filter out spam manually

Building this functionality in-house would be a large engineering effort, while also requiring significant ongoing maintenance and upkeep. In addition, it wouldn’t be the core focus for what makes 0xPPL best in class – the team would much rather spend their time and effort building the best social experience and UX possible for their end users, rather than complex token infrastructure.

Other solutions had proven insufficient, in terms of chain coverage, depth, quality, and reliability of NFT metadata, and in the ability to remove spam from response results.

0xPPL and SimpleHash got connected and ran a trial program to help with these challenges. The goal was to complete integration quickly, and make sure 0xPPL was able to efficiently ingest the required NFT data, hook it up to their core feeds, and then get back to focusing on their main roadmap.


“Working with SimpleHash was super convenient, during the pilot period and beyond – we got answers and help quickly on our core data needs, which made integration simple” – Prasanna S, Co-Founder and CEO, 0xPPL

Satisfied with the trial period, 0xPPL went to full production with SimpleHash and relies on them for core NFT data needs.

Taking Advantage of the SimpleHash Platform

0xPPL uses a wide range of the functionality offered by the SimpleHash platform, including (but not limited to):

Seeing results

All of these are just in support of the overarching goals, however. Specifically, through making full use of SimpleHash, 0xPPL has realized significant savings, both in terms of cost and engineering effort. Specifically:

  • 200-300 hours of engineering effort toward building and maintenance of an indexing system
  • Improved overall NFT UX for end users

“We went with SimpleHash because their API offering was best suited to help us save cost, time, and effort while letting us focus on our core objectives and goals that we know best” – Karan Bedi, Co-Founder and CTO, 0xPPL

Looking ahead, SimpleHash is excited to continue supporting 0xPPL in its mission of building its vision of the next generation of social networking. The intersection of crypto and social is one of the most exciting new frontiers in the industry, and NFT and token data will play a large role in helping build engrossing user experiences and networks.

Getting token & NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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