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SimpleHash - The Best API for Solana NFT data

Access all Solana NFT data, including media, floor prices, sales, listings, and more.

Solana NFT Data"

SimpleHash helps us deliver great NFT experiences. We’ve partnered with them because we trust their ability to stay at the forefront of NFT standards and use cases.

What makes SimpleHash the best option for Solana devs?

Proper Collection Handling.
Effective handling for all types of Solana collections, including the edge cases.
Real-time Updates.
All kinds of on and off chain token data are synced within seconds, not minutes.
Comprehensive Market Data.
Support for Magic Eden and Tensor, including collection metadata. Access sales, real-time floor prices and listings.
Compressed NFT Support.
Compressed NFTs done right - with the same schema, and no additional effort to get up and running.
Cached Media.
Quickly load all types of NFT media from a CDN, with dynamic previews and format correction.
Spam Filtering.
Remove unwanted tokens and scams from wallets with LLM-powered spam scores.
Multiple Delivery Methods.
Choose the option that makes most sense for your app - REST API, webhooks, Kafka or Postgres.

NFT Token Metadata

Unique Identifiers
Core fields to provide enable precise identification of each NFT.
Media URLs & Properties
Fields for media representation, including dimensions, duration, and size.
Ownership & Rarity
Details on ownership, transaction history, rarity, and royalty distribution.
Extra Metadata
Custom attributes and original media URLs, give additional insights and enable deeper connections to the original creation.
NFT metadata product screenshot

NFT Sales Data

Transaction Details
Information about the sales transaction including price, date, and buyer/seller details.
Marketplace Sources
Sources of the sales data, such as OpenSea, Blur and other marketplaces.
USD conversions
USD conversions for each sale, based on the exchange rate
Historical Sales Data
Past sales history for NFTs, aiding in price trend analysis.
NFT sales product screenshot

NFT Collection Data

Collection Metadata
Essential information about a collection, such as the name, description, and image.
Floor Prices
Minimum price at which an NFT can be bought within a specific collection.
Collection-Level Spam Scores
Metrics to identify potential spam or fraudulent activity within a collection.
Top Bids
Highest current offers for NFTs within the collection, aiding in market analysis.
NFT collection product screenshot

NFT Listing Data

Listing Details
Information on listings, including unique identifiers, timestamps, seller details, and listing lifecycle events.
Collection & Marketplace Info
Identifiers and details specific to collections and marketplaces associated with the listing.
Payment Tokens
Details on the payment tokens used for the listing, including token name, symbol, contract address, and decimals.
NFT listings product screenshot

Getting NFT data is hard.

SimpleHash makes it easy.

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